50% Donation to Charmaine

Dear Mummies & Daddies,

MyCherubims is donating 50% of all proceeds to save Charmaine.

To accelerate it, we are selling all Dinosoles shoes at $30. A special for Charmaine. This means that $15 will go to Charmaine.

If you are not comfortable with giveing us the full amount for us to send over to Charmaine, we are happy for you to give us only the 50% and transfer the other 50% yourself personally over to Charmaine's account.



Please help! Thanx to everyone in advance!!!

New Arrivals

T-Rex Backpack $38
Measurements L36cm x W28cm

Velociraptor Backpack $38

Measurements L38cm x W28cm


Sculptured footwear and caps for the Dinosaurs lover out there....


Preemie-Yums offers a variety of premature clothing and accessory items for infants up through 6 lbs(2.7kg). We also offer extended sizing in most styles with our NuBaby line. NuBaby sizing covers newborn sizes in M-L up through 11 lbs (5kg). Our goal is quality and customer satisfaction.
We use velcro closures on many items for ease of operation, and soft snap tape as needed. All clothing items are manufactured in the U.S.


The latest range of baby shoes from Brazil! All shoes are anti-microbes and designed for the best development of the little growing feet!

From Brazilian shoe makers Bical come these fabulously cute and comfy sock shoes. Made from a soft knitted neoprene sock which is bonded to a soft and flexible non-slip rubber sole, your little one will be sure to get the correct flexibility which is so important in baby's first shoes.

Bical shoes are of the highest quality and made with all non-toxic materials. These little sock shoes are beautifully made and lightly scented. You're just going to love them!

Quick drying and fully machine washable, they are also great for use as a non- slip water shoe around the pool.

Cinnabar Blue

Cinnabar Blue batik children’s clothing for boys and girls is made from high quality 100% cotton that has been hand colored and batiked one roll at a time by experienced Javanese batik makers. Our unique fabrics and coordinated collections are custom created to ensure exclusivity.